How long will Smartwax/Rimwax last?
One application of Smartwax/ Rimwax should last for several hundred miles, it is impossible to accurately predict a time scale or mileage as there are a lot of factors to be considered. The road condtions, the time of year, the driving style (fast and late braking etc). We estimate that an average motorist doing average mileage with varied road conditions should expect to get approximately six weeks/ 1200/1500 miles without the need to reapply, this would require maintenance washing with a ph balanced shampoo (smartcarwash)or water. When the water stops beading it requires more wax to be applied.


Does it need to be reapplied everytime I wash the car?
No, subject to regular washing with wash/wax, good shampoo or water it will last for several washes.


What if I use TFR, acid based/abrasive wheel cleaner?
Acid based/abrasive cleaners and TFRs will break down the wax coating, which means it will require reapplying. These products can also damage the paint/wheels finish.


Can Smartwax/Rimwax be applied in direct sunlight?
Yes, because of its unique formula Smartwax/Rimwax can be applied in direct sunlight with no detremental effects.


Does the surface need to be dry?
No, Smartwax and Rimwax can be applied to a wet surface, without smearing or streaking.


How long should Smartwax/Rimwax be left before removing?
Smartwax/Rimwax can be left for hours, even in direct sunlight, it will still be easy to remove and no powder residue!


Can Rimwax be used on any type of wheel?
Yes, Rimwax can be used on any surface, it is carnauba wax, which is heat resistant and deflects brake dust. (some people use it on other surfaces that get hot)


What if I am not satisfied?
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with any smartwax products, simply return it for a full refund, No Hard Feelings! All Smartwax products come with a lifetime guarantee!


Where can I buy Smartwax products?
Smartwax is available at good car accessory shops and speciality retail outlets.