Smartwax® is a very different and truly unique product where expense is secondary to results. Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, Smartwax delivers the finest wax paint has ever seen. Smartwax is 100% pure carnauba based wax and polish, enhanced by Non-Stick Protection and formulated using Smartwax’s proprietary blend of fluorocarbon polymer resins that give Smartwax the wet looking, long lasting depth of shine and UV(40) protection that reduce fading, oxidation and paint cracking.

  • Easy on easy off
  • Polishes, shines, protects in one easy application
  • Restores original shine, adds gloss and depth
  • Can be used on a wet or dry surface
  • Can be used in direct sunlight
  • Does not mark black trims, rubber or vinyl
  • Prevents water spots
  • Accelerates water run off
  • Hides/repairs minor swirl marks
  • No smear or powder residue
  • UV protection
  • No harsh chemicals or abrasives
  • Clear coat safe
  • Long lasting
  • Professional grade product can be used on a machine